Old Memories (Lesbian erotic novel)


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Some first love you just can’t forget. Sarah Leary might be a world-renowned actress but when Faith Ryan looks at her, all she sees is the teenager she’s loved for one magical night. She never forgot her. Who would believe that a plain barmaid from Brooklyn once intimately knew the brightest star in Hollywood? Their paths parted long ago and believing Sarah still thought about her was utopia. Yet it is no mirage standing on Faith’s doorstep one morning. 71 pages.

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Commentaires des clients

Mercredi 3 Février 2016
i've read this book in french and now in english. If you like romance, then this is the book for you.Very well written and a sweet romantic love story. Old Memories explores how two women are reunited and they'll admit they still love each other. Sarah and Faith are likeable.


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