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Hate me as much as I love you Emma, a young 28 year old woman enrolled in the Marines comes back to Northfolk for her father's wedding. She doesn't know who the soon-to-be-wife is or her past so when she finds herself in front her beauty and her age, considerably younger than her father, she decides to set herself on stopping that wedding from celebrating. However, she hasn't taken into account the temperament of her future stepmother and the marriage which maybe is not what everyone think it is.

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Departure from the ScriptAspiring actress Amanda Clark and photographer Michelle Osinski are two women burned by love and not looking to test the fire again. And even if they were, it certainly wouldn’t be with each other. Amanda has never been attracted to a butch woman before, and Michelle personifies the term butch. Having just landed a role on a hot new TV show, she’s determined to focus on her career and doesn’t need any complications in her life. After a turbulent breakup with her starlet ex, Michelle swore she would never get involved with an actress again. Another high-maintenance woman is the last thing she wants, and her first encounter with Amanda certainly makes her appear the type. But after a date that is not a date and some meddling from Amanda’s grandmother, they both begin to wonder if it’s not time for a departure from their usual dating scripts.

One too many misdemeanors get nineteen-year-old Eliza Carlisle back from the United Kingdom to finish high school in wealthy Lorien, NJ. The bad news soon turns into a new challenge for the troubled young woman when she meets Julia, a fragile young girl purposely cut off from everyone. Determined to uncover the town-sized secrets surrounding Julia, their relationship grows into a special friendship. Unexpected feelings and dangers get in the way.



The Whole Lesbian Sex Book was the first-ever sex guide to offer information and encouragement for all women who desire women — lesbian, bisexual, butch, femme, androgynous, and transgender. First published in 1999, it’s been lauded for its thoroughness, enthusiastic tone, and creative, nonjudgmental approach to lesbian sex in all its rich variety. (Library Journal lamented, "Why can’t more heterosexual sex manuals be this good?") Now, five years later, sex educator Felice Newman has completely updated this classic guide. There is new information throughout, up-to-date research, fresh quotes from women who share their real-world experiences, a greatly expanded resource guide, new illustrations, and an entire new chapter on sex and partnership.

Written by two experienced lesbian therapists, Lesbian Couples covers a range of topics-commitment ceremonies and marriage, living arrangements, work, money, togetherness and separate identities, coming out to family and friends, resolving conflict and understanding each other-and uses a variety of helpful examples and problem-solving techniques, drawing from research done on lesbian couples over the past decade. The book pays special attention to differences of race, class, age and physical ability, and addresses the issues raised when one or both partners are recovering from alcohol, substance, or sexual abuse. The book also addresses differences that lesbians may encounter in their relationships regarding such issues as butch-femme, transgender identity, bisexuality, monogamy, and s/m. Thoroughly readable and extremely helpful, with an updated resource guide, Lesbian Couples is a book that every lesbian will want to own.

The ultimate full-color guide to amazingly passionate and intensely pleasurable sex for lesbians. From sensual to steamy, these innovative and sexy positions hold nothing back as they show couples how to take their erotic enjoyment to the next level. Ignite Her Passion Whether you're inexperienced or adventurous, this book's erotic suggestions and stunning color photographs will inspire you and your lover to explore each other's bodies like never before. Each position, from the sensual and steamy to the aerobic and acrobatic, offers a new path to shared intimacy and red-hot desire.

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◆ Guide de survie en territoire lesbien 
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IEUF, la Reine et la Voleuse - Tome 1
IEUF, la Reine et la Voleuse - Tome 2
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 Word Trade Center Intégrale 2015

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